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The iContent Robot: Article Software At Its Best?

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The iContent Robot: Is It The Best Article Software?

The biggest problem for any internet market is content. Content is king as they say, and how does one go about getting unique content fast? Well, some have tried RSS feeds, others resort to outsourcing article writing to 3rd parties, and others simply write the content themselves. By far, the best option is to write content yourself as it ensures totally unique and fresh content. However, there is one problem with this.....TIME. Even if you are an excellent writer, it will still take you time to write articles or content for your sites. But what if I were to tell you that you could have a totally unique article or website page in just 3 seconds and a new one generated every 3 seconds for you and that new one would be totally unique as well? Would you be interested? If so, then I have the ultimate solution for you.

We all have heard of Article Software before, however the preconceived notion of this type of software is that it spits out unreadable useless content which doesn't add value to its end users. Some article software programs are getting better, in the fact that it will give you sentences taken from other sources, but you are still left to reword and compile the entire information yourself. The solution everyone is looking is a software program that will give you unique content that is readable and doesn't have to be proof read before publishing it as an article or web page. Would this not be the best article software?

In my opinion, it simply has to be. Imagine, just hitting a button that says "generate content" for your keyword and the article software spits out totally readable and unique content in a matter of seconds. And if you wanted another, you just hit the "generate content" button again and it gives you another article on the same subject but totally unique. Making a site of 100 pages or more, could take you less than ten minutes time, all with unique content on one subject. Just think about the time saved and the income possibilities. But this isn't just for website creation. You can also do this to endorse affiliate products or to endorse the content you just created for your site. Are you starting to see the power of this unique software yet?

So now you may be wondering what this incredible article software is? Its called the iContent Robot, and it does everything I specified above plus bonus features. The iContent Robot is an absolute must for anyone looking to increase their productivity while decreasing their amount of time spent on working. In literally a matter of one hour, you can have hundreds of website pages and articles promoting those website pages created with a click of a button.

This is exactly how the iContent Robot article software works: Every month, their are 50 topics you can choose from. Pick your topic and plug it into the software and click generate. The article software provides you with a 400-600 word article based on that topic/keyword. If you want another, you just click generate again. You keep doing this until you have as many articles/pages as you want. In doing this, you never have to worry about duplicate content either. If you are worried about it, there is software provided to check the content of each article that is produced to see what the percentage of uniqueness there is in each new article. However, I highly doubt that you will find any duplicate content, as the creator has even agreed to refund anyone who finds duplicate content created from his software.

The bonus features of the article software membership include training videos on how to use the iContent Robot and what you can do with the content produced...i.e. create websites, create optimized blogs, create traffic, etc. In addition, there are lists provided of the most popular social bookmarking sites, article directories, RSS directories, and blog directories to use for your promotions.

If you are a new marketer and have stumbled upon this software, I would suggest saving yourself years of trial and error and saving yourself boatloads of money by grabbing this while you can. The iContent Robot can be the end solution for any marketer online as there is literally countless numbers of ways to monetize the content that is created from the software. Even veteran and experienced marketers have already snatched up their memberships due to the power of this software to create unique content that they can use to throw up tons of new sites and articles knowing they can profit from them for years to come.

Brian T.

To see a demo video of the iContent Robot article software in action, click here.
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