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Green Team - The Shortest Path To Your MLM Success

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I want everybody to be able to have access to these great network marketing tools because I knew what it was like struggling as a network marketer without anyone to guide me. If you’re serious about making money with your MLM business, you’re going to get an extreme amount of value out of this report.

If you have been with your company a short time, or if you have not seen, any real success but you are strong-minded to make it work, this will help you. Most home business owners give up or quit within six months of opening their business. That actually is a misfortune as there are many proven ways to achieve real success today in MLM.

Almost everything that your MLM uplines teach you about network marketing business is Nonsense! And it is so because in this industry there are genuine cases of “Blind following the Blind”! Well established network marketing companies quote something like this, “You do not have to be a professional to succeed”

This disguising and destructive message is transmitted to thousands of people again and again. Therefore, most of the people in this business simply crash down, as they have no sales experience. These failing distributors convey similar delusions and misconceptions to their prospects and hence create a fatal environment, which has severe side-effects.

To succeed in network marketing, you and your downline must receive competent, effective, and repetitive training. There is no exception to this rule. It has been a constant source of both amazement and disbelief for me to watch grown people – adults – get into network marketing – and they claim they want to succeed and they claim they want to make big money and have time freedom – and yet these so-called mature adults – who claim they want to succeed in network marketing – they do not bother to acquire the specialized knowledge and training that is essential for their success in network marketing.

It would be like someone saying “I want to be a doctor” or “I want to be a lawyer” and yet they don’t acquire the specialized knowledge and training that is essential to becoming a doctor or a lawyer? I got news for you . . . it’s NOT going to happen. You can’t become a doctor or lawyer without the proper education. Only an idiot would try such a thing. And yet there are a lot of people who get into network marketing, who claim they want to succeed, and yet they don’t get the proper education necessary for success.

Now, unfortunately a lot network marketers – especially people who are new to the industry – are misled into believing that they are getting good training from their sponsor, or from their upline, or from their company, or from some “guru” . . . but they’re not. In fact one of the main reasons so many network marketers fail is because they are victims of incompetent, ineffective, and substandard training.

On top of that there’s a whole bunch of network marketing training out there that’s just a bunch of “fluff & stuff.” Oh, it makes people “feel good”, like a sugar high. But it doesn’t last. It doesn’t stick. And it certainly doesn’t teach people how to succeed and make big money in the business of network marketing.

This free information is all about helping you master every single aspect of network marketing. Overshadow your competition fast with solid networking strategies that build your prospect list. Now you'll be able to overcome your fears of approaching people and master the art of selling! Learn everything you need to know about MLM and start generating massive passive income!


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